Canon Infrared hot mirror replacement filter

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This custom manufactured high quality glass infrared filter is a drop in replacement for the original hot mirror filter and is the same filter we use in house. The response characteristics are similar to the R72 and 89b filters but is specifically designed to be used internally.

After the conversion you will not need any filters in front of the lens and the camera will be just as sensitive to infrared as it was to visible light. This means you can hand hold and compose as normal.

Disclaimer: These replacement filters are intended for experienced professionals. Tampering with your camera will void your manufacturer’s warranty. If you decide to perform the conversion you could damage your camera or be hurt or get killed from the high voltage present – you do so at your own risk, we are not responsible for camera damage or any harm you may suffer or any special or consequential damages. Also, by visiting this site and purchasing you are legally bound by our Terms of Use Agreement, we highly recommend you read it.

Focus Warning: 
Because of the complexity and requirement for specialized precision equipment, advanced training and experience, we do not provide any information regarding focus calibration whatsoever.

The mere act of removing the sensor from within the camera could potentially ruin the original factory calibration and render your camera completely incapable of achieving proper focus. If this happens we will be unable to help you and even the manufacturer may refuse to service your camera. This is very serious stuff folks.

Focus and dust are in fact the most difficult parts of the conversion process. We highly recommend you send your camera in for conversion instead of attempting to do this yourself.

All filters are inspected to be free from scratches and other defects - all sales are final.